[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

The difference of Purchase service and International transit.

1. For purchase service --- Sugargoo will purchase something on behalf of you in China.

You submit a purchasing order on our website, pay the product fee + domestic shipping fee (except for free shipping by merchants), and Sugargoo's purchasing staff will help you purchase from the merchant. After the product arrives at the Sugargoo warehouse, the goods are inspected and stored, and then you can submit the package and mail it overseas

Total cost = commodity cost + international freight  + packaging fee + value-added service fee (optional if necessary)

This is available to the customer without TAOBAO account, ALIPAY account or both.

2. Parcel forwarding --- the parcel you bought from the seller or mailed by relatives and friends

You submit a parcel forwarding order on our website, fill in the link or name of the product, click Adding Goods, then fill in the product quantity, product price, and other information, note the detailed product information in a remark, and fill in the courier information of the product which to the Sugargoo warehouse. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will inspect the goods and warehouse them according to the filled-in order information. After the goods are in the warehouse, you can submit the package and mail it overseas.

The total cost of parcel forwarding = international shipping fee + packaging fee + value-added service fee (selected according to needs, optional)

Applicable to: (1). Customers who have a Taobao account, an Alipay account, an account of other domestic shopping websites, frequent online shopping, and who wish to obtain additional discounts from the merchant alone;

(2). Gifts given by relatives and friends, old things at home, goods not purchased online;

Reminder: After the two types of goods are in the warehouse, as long as they do not exceed the weight limit, you can choose to submit them at once or submit them separately for the overseas shipment.


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