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Anniversary Sale

Will Sugargoo arranges inspection for the products I buy by using the purchase service?

Our quality inspector will arrange an inspection for all the products when they arrived at the Sugargoo warehouse.

For merchandise like a garment, we can only check the COLOR, SZIE(subject to the final comment or last amendment on your order), Large-area damage, or other common major issues. If you still find a serious problem with this, please contact our customer service to check again, we will coordinate with the relevant party and provide you solution ASAP.

But Sugargoo is not responsible for the color difference, thread or other tiny issues, we are highly appreciated for your kind understanding.

For the merchandise like Electronics products, because these are special products, our quality inspector will only check if we get all necessary accessories and if any physical damage. Sugargoo will not check the function and are not responsible for any quality problem of the product.


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