Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global

Great deals exclusive to EMS in the US | Price Drop!!! The first weight up to 12%OFF!

This time, SUGARGOO has lowered the prices of EMS, E-EMS, and EUB sent to the United States, with a discount of up to 12%!

Price adjustment will be completed on 2022/9/9, all SUGARGOO family members can choose 2022/9/10 to submit the package.

The shipping fee for submitting the package is calculated based on the price after this price reduction. Come and submit your package!

Come and see the details of the line price reduction in the US!

1. EMS! The first weight dropped by 12%!

2. E-EMS! Continued weight decreased by 9%!

3. EUB! The first weight is reduced by 10%!

SUGARGOO has been providing users with efficient and high-quality service experience, comprehensively considering users' shopping and logistics needs, listening to users' voices, and striving to improve their service capabilities, and strive to become your "most cost-effective agent". In 2022, SUGARGOO will stay true to its original intention and look for better, faster and more complete logistics routes, making your persistence more worthwhile!




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