[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]


SUGARGOO CRAZY - BIG SALE! Mega discount in May saves big for you!

Date: 13 May-31 May 2022 (19 Days)


OFFER ONE: HOT-PICKS SALE ONLY AT¥9.99 ,¥59.99,¥99.99.


SUGARGOO will upload some featured items inHOT PICKS at SUGARGOO homepage, which cost from9.99 only to 99.99 only. Consumption reaches the specified amount and you can get freebies of good quality. Shop now!


Hot-picks only at¥9.99!

Hot-picks only at¥59.99!

Hot-picks only at¥99.99!


① If you place an order and pay successfully in the [HOT PICKS] from May 13 to May 31, you can enjoy the discounts. We will adjust the price to the discounted price when purchasing, and the difference will be returned to your SUGARGOO account;

② If a single purchasing OG order is over 399 RMB, you can get 2 pairs of socks of good quality for free, and five pairs of socks were given when the consumption was over 599 yuan;

③ The freebies will be given into the account as a free order within 7 working days after the activity ends. Please have a check then.




SUGARGOO will give out prime shipping fee coupons for you during the event!Up to 145 RMB off! Go claiming them!



15 off when over¥2007%off


 50 off when over¥50010%off


80 off when over60014%off



>>>Activate Channel


① A:We will giving out 3 kinds of coupons in limited quantity at 10:00 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. Beijing time every day. Coupons should be activated immediately. If the activation fails, it means that the coupons of the day is not enough, and you can wait for the next time to participate. B: Each user can only get one for each kind of coupon, which amount to 145 RMB. (For example: Each user can only get one coupon for each different denomination, and one person can get three coupons of different denominations at most: a15 off when over¥200 coupon +a50 off when over¥500 coupon+a¥80 off when over¥600 coupon) (The same terminal equipment, the same IP address, the same SUGARGOO account and the same PayPal account are regarded as the same user).

② The coupon is only for international parcel delivery. One coupon is for one parcel. Do not support using twice or stack using.

③ The coupon will be valid for 30 days after it is successfully activated. It will automatically expire after the expiration date; We will not supply again.


OFFER THREE: Free value-added servicePeripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box


During the event, submitting for your parcel and if the shipping fee for one parcel is over 599, you can enjoy the Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box service for free. Have a safe and easy delivery!


① Shipping fee shall be paid successfully during May 13-31.

② The actual payment for single international package shall reach the specified amount. PickThe Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box】service when submitting the package order, and the service fee will be charged back into your SUGARGOO account within 7 days after the event ends.

For example: Parcel to the United States, total weighing 4kg, shipped with DHL (CN), its over 599 RMB, which reaches the specified amount. When you submit the parcel, you should pick【The Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box】service. The service fee will be returned back to your account after the event ends.


1. If any kind of coupon is used for single package, after deducting the coupon amount, the actual payment amount shall prevail. If it over 599 RMB, please pick【The Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box】service. The service fee will be returned back to your account after the event ends.

2. Due to personal reasons, though the package meets the conditions, but you fail to pick the value-added service, SUGARGOO does not support additional refund or transferring to other packages.



Please be advised that the final interpretation right of the above activities are within the scope and permitted by law belongs to SUGARGOO.SUGARGOO CRAZY - BIG SALE! Mega discount in May saves big for you!


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