Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global


Account Management
Coupons & Promotions



How to register on SUAGRGOO?
How do I use coupons? 
When will the seller send my items out?
How to reset password?
How long are the coupons valid for ?
How to place a purchase order?
Why can‘t I receive the verification code?
How do I use points?
How to place a purchase order manually? 

How do I get points?
How to submit a transfer order?

About the new user coupon?
How long does the item to arrive at SUGARGOO warehouse?

How do i access the promotions on SUGARGOO?
What should I know before shopping?

Can I cancel purchase orders?

About the purchase order status?

What are purchasing value-added services?


Packaging & Package
Shipping & Logistics
Refunds & Returns


How to insure my package?
How to track my haul (international shipping)?
Can I apply for a refund & return? 
How long does it take to withdraw the funds?
How do I declare?
What international shipping methods are available? 
About the purchasing refund & returns? 
How do I top up my SUGARGOO balance?
What are the warehousing value-added services?
What are the shipping fees? 
Why the parcel I submitted was be returned? 

What methods of payment are available? 

How long are the parcels stored for free at SUGARGOO?

How long does it take for money to reach my deposit? 

About the shipment order status?

How much will I pay?

How long does it take to ship my haul out ?


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