15%OFF shipping
15%OFF shipping

[Limited Deal] Save 120RMB every week! 20% OFF Shipping on Special Delivery Day!

SUGARGOO is giving away over 10,000 RMB of free shipping subsidy every week!

No route restrictions, long-term holding, and continue to enjoy the freight subsidy from SUGARGOO!

Freight Special Day

Every Saturday is the special day for SUGARGOO shipping. On that day, we will release more than 100 shipping coupons. The denominations of the coupons are unified to 600RMB-120RMB (20% OFF), and you can activate them directly through the coupon code!

This week's coupon code: 

Friends, from September 17th to October 7th, the shipping coupons on Saturday will be suspended. During this period, we will hold more fun activities for you, with a lot of discounts, come and participate!

Saturday shipping coupons are back on October 8th, thanks!

Coupon distribution time: Every Saturday at 10:00 and 15:00 Beijing time, Inventory will be updated both times

>>> Activate now

Note: The coupon can only be activated on the day of the [Freight Special Day]. If the activation is successful, you will receive the coupon. After activation, there is a 7-day validity period, and each person can only activate one per week maximum.

If you fail to activate the coupon, it means that the coupon has not reached the activation time period or the inventory is insufficient. Please wait for the new coupon event to receive it. We will update the coupon code and the corresponding inventory quantity every week.

The statements and activities above are the entire content of this event.

For any questions, please consult our SUGARGOO online customer service. I wish you Happy shopping~



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