15%OFF shipping
15%OFF shipping

SUGARGOO 2022 New Year's First Welfare Activity Description

We wish you much luck in the New Year! SUGARGOO 2022's first wave of New Year's gifts are coming!

Event time: 2022.1.11-1.18

Activity 1—Enjoy 5% OFF shipping discount on designated routes (2022.1.11-1.18)

For the first benefit of the 2022 New Year, SUGARGOO will issue a [Designated Route Shipping Discount Coupon], which users can activate after obtaining the coupon code. The activated shipping discount coupon can be used when submitting a designated route, and the shipping fee will be reduced by 5%;

Inventory of coupons will update at 10:00 and 15:00 every day, and there will be limited purchases for a limited time. The daily coupon updates during the event are as follows:

discount coupon code

Update stock time


10:00 AM Beijing time

15:00 PM Beijing time

Specify the route:

Note: Affected by the policies of various regions, the information of international logistics routes changes in real-time. For up-to-date logistics, please refer to the real-time logistics information of SUGARGOO.

Event Description:

①How to get it: Copy the coupon code, which can be used after activation. If it displays "Unable to activate successfully" during activation, it means that the inventory is insufficient on that day. Please wait for the update to activate.

②Each coupon can only be activated once by the user. After the coupon is activated, it will be valid for use (only for international shipping packages), and it will be valid for 30 days, and it will automatically become invalid after the expiration date;

③ The coupon is a 5% discount coupon (not a full discount coupon), and it can only be used on designated routes. It does not support stacking other coupons. Each package can only be used once;


Activity 2—Save 200 RMB, [New Year Gift Pack] for a limited time sale (2022.1.11-1.18)

During the event, more service malls of SUGARGOO will put on the [New Year's Gift Pack]. You only need to pay 20 RMB to buy a shipping gift bag worth 200 RMB, which contains 3 coupons of different amounts. One [New Year Gift Pack] contains:


number of sheets

Shipping discount

Over$47 minus$3


7% OFF

Over$94 minus$9


10% OFF

Over$188 minus$19


10% OFF

Event Description:

①How to get it: Buy the [New Year Gift Pack] in more service malls of SUGARGOO, we will review it within one working day, and the coupon code will be issued to the user in the form of an order message after the review is passed.

②Push-buying instructions: During the event, each user can only snap-up one piece, while the gift packs are sold out, and the re-purchase or over-purchase order will be invalid; after the snap-up and successful payment on the same day, we will review and approve the order within one working day. The form of the message is to issue a coupon code to the user.

③Coupon: [New Years Shipping Package] contains three coupons, which can be used after the coupon is activated (only for international shipping packages). After the user receives the coupon code, it can be activated before January 31 at the latest. The validity period is 30 days, and it will automatically expire after the expiration date;



Activity 3 - Redeem Points for New Year's Gifts (2022.1.11-1.18)

SUGARGOO has carefully prepared 100 New Year gifts to give back to new and old members!

During the event, more service malls of SUGARGOO will put [New Year's Gifts] on the shelves. Users can use the points to redeem, and the Gifts are limited, while stocks last. The types of Gifts and the points required for redemption are as follows:

Lucky bag category

Consumption points (single piece)







① Participation method: Buy [New Year's lucky bag] in the more service mall of SUGARGOO, select the category and size, and place an order; we will distribute the lucky bag products to you after deducting the corresponding points.

② Fortunate bag redemption instructions: The lucky bag redemption activity requires the consumption of points, but there is no limit to the number of times of redemption, and the blessing bag will be redeemed while supplies last; if your points are insufficient, the order will be invalid, and the purchase fee (0.1 RMB) of the activity order will be automatically refunded to your account;

③ Fortune bag distribution: After successfully purchasing the [New Year's Fortune Bag], the order will be reviewed within one working day, and after the review is finished, the corresponding points will be deducted, and the [New Year's Fortune Bag] order will be processed according to the normal order process.

④ Fortunate bag product description: The lucky bag product is a limited gift from SUGARGOO's partner merchants, and returns are not supported after the gift is exchanged.


The statements and activities above are the entire content of this event. For any questions, please consult our SUGARGOO online customer service to answer your questions. I wish you Happy shopping~

The above activities are within the scope of the law, and the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to SUGARGOO.


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