15%OFF shipping
15%OFF shipping

SUGARGOO Christmas Event Description

On SUGARGOO`s Christmas carnival purchase, 10,000 coupons will be issued, and ultra-low discounts are waiting for you!

Activity time: 2021.12.13-12.26

Activity 1- Christmas shopping spree with 10,000 coupons to be issued! (2021.12.13-12.26)
Activity introduction:
For Christmas gifts, SUGARGOO announced three coupon codes with different values. All users can activate the coupon codes after obtaining the coupon codes. The coupons are updated at 10 and 15 o'clock every day. The coupons are updated as follows during the event.




$4.9 off over $49

$16 off over $98

$49 off over $164


$4.9 off over $49

$16 off over $98

$49 off over $164

Coupon links:
$4.9 off over $49: AgDoppyJ
$16 off over $98: juoRShg8
$49 off over $164: LsrYm1Sp
Event Description:
① Three kinds of coupons are issued in limited quantities at 10 am and 3 pm Beijing time every day, and they need to be activated immediately! While stocks last!
② During the event, each user can only grab one coupon of the same type (maximum reap: 300-30 yuan 1 coupon + 600-100 yuan 1 coupon + 1000-300 yuan 1 coupon), the same terminal device, the same IP Address, the same SUGARGOO account, and the same PayPal account are regarded as the same user;
③ Coupons can only be used for international freight packages. One coupon can be used for one package, and stacking is not supported;
④ The activation code of the coupon will be valid for 30 days after it is activated. After the expiration date, it will automatically become invalid and will not be reissued.
In this event, users can snap up coupons for two time periods. Each coupon can only be activated once, and a single user can receive up to 3 activations;

Activity 2— Free Consumption, up to 2,000 yuan! (2021.12.13-12.26)
Activity introduction:
Christmas consumption is free to avail, SUGARGOO is here to pay!
During the event, users must leave a message on the reddit event lottery post to participate in the lottery. SUGARGOO will randomly select 20 winning users and give them free benefits.

Event Description:
① Participation method: Users will need to place an order during the event (successful payment), and comment on the reddit event lottery post as participating in the event, and users who successfully participate will have the opportunity to win free benefits.
Note: There will be two separate lucky draw posts for this event, which will be used for the lucky draw on December 18 and 25 respectively. Only if you leave a message in the lucky draw will be considered as participating in the event.
December 18th Lucky Draw Link: Lucky Draw
December 25th Lucky Draw Link: Lucky Draw
② Comment description: The comment content must contain a "valid product OG tracking number or valid package S tracking number + any comment generated during the event". The number of comments is not limited, but each user can only get one free bill during this event. In the event of repeated draws, the comment of the first draw shall prevail.
③ Lottery draw/notice: We will draw a lottery at two time points, at 18:00 on December 18th and December 25th. There are 10 people in each draw for a total of 20 people. Each winner can win once at maximum. The list of winners will be announced on reddit. The free amount will be returned to the user's platform account within 7 working days after the event ends, and the user will be notified by email.
④ Description of the prize: The single purchase OG order fee or package shipping fee (excluding value-added service fee) consumed by the winning user during the event will be exempt. SUGARGOO will calculate and return based on the OG or S number provided by the user`s winning comment. The highest free bill is 2,000 yuan, and the free bill amount cannot be withdrawn.

Note: Orders/parcels that have been waived will not support returns and exchanges. If a return occurs, the consumption amount will not be refunded.

Example: If the shipping cost of package S consumed by user A in SUGARGOO is 1000 yuan, then his winning free amount is 1000 yuan. After the bonus is issued, if user A initiates a refund for package S, the shipping amount of package S will not be refunded. If the user receives an OG product order for the free reward, the order amount will also not be refunded.

Activity 3- Cashback up to 10% shipping fee! (2021.12.13-12.26)
Activity introduction:
During the event, when the user successfully submits the package, and the actual paid amount or actual weight of the package meets the following conditions, the user can enjoy the freight rate rebate benefits.

The actual freight is more than 1000

5% back

The billable weight is more than 10kg

10% back

① How to participate: You will only need to submit the package during the event and successfully pay the shipping fee. There is no need to sign up as long as the submitted single package meets one of the above two conditions, then you can get a corresponding percentage of the shipping fee. This event does not limit the number of packages.
② Description of cashback fees: Value-added service fees are not included in actual shipping costs: cashback amount = actual shipping costs * cashback ratio (maximum 10%). The cashback amount can be used for shopping on SUGARGOO platform, and cash withdrawal is not supported. The rebate ratio of a single package is not superimposed, and a maximum of 10% of the fee can be rebated.
Billing weight description: When calculating the weight of the package, we will take the larger value based on the volume weight value and the actual weight value as the billing weight value.
③ Reward distribution: The cash back amount will be returned to the user's platform account within 3 working days after the end of the event, and the user will be notified by email. Please pay attention to the email for checking.

The statements and activities above are the entire content of this event. For any questions, please consult our SUGARGOO online customer service to answer your questions. I wish you Happy shopping~

The above activities are within the scope of the law, and the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to SUGARGOO.


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