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【SUGARGOO Shipping Subsidy】Activity Description

SUGARGOO has always been committed to providing users with a high-quality service experience. We will do our best to provide you with a more cost-effective international logistics route. Thank you for your strong support. Now, SUGARGOO will give back to you in October, and the freight super subsidy is coming making your international transportation costs are more favorable~

Activity time: 2021.10.20-10.26


Activity 1: Free 80 yuan shipping coupon for accumulated consumption

Activity introduction:

SUGARGOO will give back to the users! During the event, for every RMB 1,000 spent on the user's order, one will be given a discount coupon of RMB 80 for international shipping.

Note: Each user can get up to 3 coupons only.

Event Description:

Cumulative consumption: The consumption amount of the purchase order you submitted in SUGARGOO will be included in the cumulative consumption, excluding value-added service fees, forwarding orders, and package shipping.

Participation method: no registration is required, you can submit the purchasing order normally during the event.

Form of awarding: After the event is over, coupons will be issued based on your accumulated consumption during the event.

Reward description: During the event, for every RMB 1,000 spent on your order, you will be given a discount coupon of RMB 600 minus RMB 80 for international shipping. Each user can get a maximum of 3 coupons. On November 1st, we will distribute coupon codes to the winning users via email.

Coupons can be activated in the month of November, and have a 30-day use period after activation. Please be advised that it will expire after the expiry date.


Activity 2: Handbags get [waterproof packaging] service for free!

Activity introduction:

During the event, users can enjoy free [waterproof packaging] value-added services for packages that are submitted by users and have a shipping cost of 600 yuan.

Event Description:

Package description: During the event, the package that you submit at SUGARGOO and successfully paid the freight (amount greater than 0) is a valid package. Every package with actual freight of 600 yuan and above (excluding the value-added service fee) can enjoy free [waterproof packaging] value-added services.

How to participate: When you submit the package, check [Waterproof Packaging] to pre-order the service, and the fee will be refunded to your account on November 1st.

Note: Packages that have not checked [Waterproof Packaging] will not participate in this event by default.


Activity 3 (Surprise Award): The top 10 cumulative total consumption during the event will win prizes!

Activity introduction:

During the event, the top 10 users with cumulative total consumption (commodities + parcels) can get free prizes presented by SUGARGOO.

Event Description:

Cumulative total consumption: During the event, the purchase order consumption must be submitted and successfully paid by the user in SUGARGOO. The package consumption submitted and successfully paid for shipping, total the cumulative total consumption, excluding the value-added service fee. Please be advised.

Participation method: no registration is required, users can submit purchase orders and parcel delivery normally during the event. After the event, we will announce the list of the top ten users on November 1st, and notify users by email, and give out prizes.

Description of prize attributes:

1. The gift of 500 yuan shopping gold will be automatically released to the SUGARGOO account balance on 11.1. It will be notified in the form of an order message, please pay attention to inquiries.

2. The gift of 500 yuan shopping gold can be used for consumer shopping or international freight payment on the SUGARGOO platform. The use period is 11.1-11.30. The gift shopping gold cannot be withdrawn, and will be invalidated and will not be reissued after the expiry date. Please be advised.

3. Gunpla is specially sponsored by the seller to SUGARGOO as an event reward. Gifts do not support return and exchange, and SUGARGOO only inspects the appearance of the Gunpla, but cannot check the authenticity and fidelity of the goods. Please be aware.

4. Gunpla will be stored in the SUGARGOO warehouse within 11.1, excluding international logistics delivery.


Lucky Mystery Box description:

1. The lucky mystery box contains trendy shoes, clothing, and trousers (choose three by yourself, you can repeat the category). After the list of winners is announced, we will actively contact the winning users to confirm your selected category and code number.

2. Lucky mystery box products will be stored in the SUGARGOO warehouse within three working days after the event ends, and the code number will be confirmed to you, excluding international logistics delivery.

3. Lucky mystery box products are provided by merchants to SUGARGOO as an event reward. SUGARGOO will inspect the appearance of lucky mystery box products, but cannot check the authenticity and fidelity of the products. Please be aware.

Activity link: SUGARGOO transportation subsidy is coming! 500 yuan cash + Gundam model + lucky bag + 80 yuan shipping coupon

The statements above are all the contents of SUGARGOO's October event. To the extent permitted by law, SUGARGOO has the final right to interpret this event. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service, SUGARGOO will serve you wholeheartedly~


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