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15%OFF shipping

Cool Summer Vibes, All in SUGARGOO! Shopping Carnival!

Activity time: July 27th 00:00-August 6th 23:59

Activity 1: Shopping allowance

① Pay $1 to get $5 (= pay 6 yuan to get 30 yuan)

    Number of sheets: 10

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② Pay $2 to get $10 (= pay 12 yuan to get 60 yuan)

    Number of sheets: 5

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Event time:

During the event period, the event will start at 10:00 am Beijing time every day, the number is limited and it is strictly first come first served!

Activity Rules:

1. The shopping allowance can be used to purchase goods on the SUGARGOO platform or to deduct the shipping fee. It cannot be withdrawn.

2. During this event, each user can only participate in one event, and only one item can be purchased at a time. The $1 event and the $2 event are the same event. Multiple purchases are invalid. Please do not repeat purchases such as multiple purchases Allowance,only recognize the first item that is the first to be successfully purchased.

3. During this event, each user can only participate once. The same terminal device, the same IP address, the same SUGARGOO account, and the same PayPal account are all regarded as the same user.

4. If the shopping allowance of the user is not paid within 24 hours, the activity order will be automatically invalid. Please pay attention to timely payment before it expires.

5. After the shopping allowance is successful, it will be issued to your SUGARGOO account balance within one working day. It will be notified in the form of an order message. Please pay attention to inquiries.

Activity 2: Free waterproof packaging for international parcels with actual shipping charges over 499 yuan!

Activity Rules:

1. All participating packages need to be paid and valid within July 27th-August 6th.

2. Participating in the package event requires that the actual shipping cost of a single international package reaches 499 yuan and above to receive value-added services. When placing an order, you must also check the waterproof packaging service.

3. The free value-added service fee will be automatically returned to your SUGARGOO account balance within 7 working days after the event ends, and it will be notified in the form of an order message. Please pay attention to inquiries.

Example 1:

The package is sent to the United States, the total weight of the product is 4KG, the route is SF-CD, the actual payment amount of the package is 550 yuan, which meets the gift standard of 499 yuan, therefore the waterproof packaging can be checked when the package is submitted. The corresponding amount will be returned to your SUGARGOO account balance.


Due to personal reasons, if the package meets the conditions, but the value-added services for participating in the event are not checked then it will not be added. SUGARGOO does not support additional refunds or transfers to other packages. Please be advised.

SUGARGOO rightfully owns the final interpretation of this event within the scope permitted by law.


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